Learn From the Best – Seedstock series

Get inside the brain of the industry’s leading seedstock producers!

RAAA is proud to announce the launch of the Learn From the Best – Seedstock Series. A revolutionary program designed to equip and empower Red Angus breeders under 45 years of age to take their programs to the next level of success. The program features 10 meetings where participants will be able to “get inside the brain” of the industry’s leading seedstock producers through interactive discussion and question-and-answer sessions. At registration, participants will nominate top purebred producers they would like to interview and learn from. Additional sessions will focus on genetics and breeding, herd health, marketing and feedlot management. These sessions are unique and not taking place anywhere else in the beef industry, so participants can be confident they are receiving genuine, time-tested advice. For example, during the genetics and breeding module, participants will be divided into six sub-groups that will be charged with establishing long-term breeding direction for their virtual herd and then make selection decisions for five generations from start to finish. All discussions will be led by RAAA staff, with inclusion of outside experts.

The virtual-only program is limited to 24 participants per 12-month cycle to ensure each participant receives quality time with each virtual presenter and takes home a plethora of quality ideas for their herd. Participants will pay a one-time fee of $100 and no travel is required.

For additional questions about Learn From the Best – Seedstock Series contact Nolan Woodruff, commercial marketing specialist at nolan@redangus.org or Harold Bertz, director of commerical marketing, at harold@redangus.org. Ready to sign up? Register below!