Marketing Team Trail-Nov. 8, 2023

Posted November 8, 2023

By Taylor Ohlde

As temperatures cool down the sales are heating up throughout the breed. With fall bull sales and feeder calf sales in full swing, red cattle are on the rise in Kansas and Missouri. I'm getting the opportunity to travel around to the state of Missouri seeing tag users and seedstock. Then back into Kansas for feeder calf sales and ranch visits has things getting busy.

In the recent weeks I was able to attend the open house and online sale at Mushrush Red Angus in Strong City, Kan. A great and unique event that highlighted the ranch with an open house as well as viewing of the sale cattle on sale day that concluded with a meal and fellowship of customers and industry professionals. Still on the bull sale run, I attended the Lacy Red Angus sale to view a powerful set of bulls and females. While there I was greeted by cattlemen who had a passion for red cattle and strong roots in the breed. I congratulate the Mushrush, Lacy and Curtis families for putting on these great events.

Continuing to interact with the commercial and seedstock memberships I was able to set up visits around the Kansas City area as well as North Central Kansas to look through some impressive sets of feeder calves, bred heifers and young bulls preparing for the spring sale run. And after this I attended the feeder calf sale in Lacrosse, Kan., south of Hays. Powerful set of calves ran through the ring that day with upwards of 500+ Red Angus influenced steers and heifers. As an added treat, the world champion LMA auctioneer was in attendance to call the sale. Jacob Massey from Tennessee sold the red angus cattle and greatly contributed to the excitement of the day. I commend the crew at Lacrosse Livestock for being so hospitable and allowing me the time to talk to the audience about the marketing team's goals and programs at the block.