RAAA Board Donates $100,000 to Red Angus Stakeholders Foundation

Posted June 19, 2024

By Tom Brink, RAAA CEO

Here is some good news for all Red Angus breeders and commercial stakeholders! Last week the Red Angus board voted unanimously to provide the newly established Red Angus Stakeholder’s Foundation with $100,000 in seed money. The RAAA board is committed to seeing RASF move forward in its mission to support the Red Angus breed through research, education and youth development.

Kyley DeVoe, RAAA president, said, “It is a truly great time to be a member of the RAAA. Our board of directors continues to show its commitment to the breed and its stakeholders, as well as our customers with their desire to continually strive to be better. This investment will create a firm foundation for RASF moving forward and the ability to explore some bigger projects ahead of schedule.”

Jeff Petitt, who is a board member of both organizations, added, “As a member of the RAAA board of directors, we must be willing to lead by example in our support of the Red Angus Stakeholders Foundation. This foundation exists to support and promote the entire Red Angus breed. It provides a place where all individual members, corporate partners and academia can contribute to the work of building a strong future for Red Angus cattle.”

RASF will work closely with RAAA in identifying research projects and educational initiatives to fund. The new foundation has already taken an active role in supporting the first-ever Red Angus Youth Expo, held in Chickasha, Oklahoma.

Steve Andras, RASF president, said, “The donation from RAAA will provide a solid financial base that will support the research and education for tomorrow’s Red Angus stakeholders. It is greatly appreciated.”