RAAA call for Grid Master data

Posted June 25, 2024

Early summer is harvest season for the majority of the nation’s fed cattle. Cattlemen and feeders are now reflecting on the carcass data from this year’s crop. Producers whose cattle are enrolled in RAAA’s Feeder Calf Certification Program may submit their carcass data to be considered for the distinguished Grid Master award.

The RAAA recognizes Grid Master winners to demonstrate the capability of Red Angus cattle to consistently grade Choice or higher while maintaining low levels of Yield Grade 4s and 5s. By collecting carcass data, producers improve their reputation as progressive cattlemen and feeders. They may also utilize the carcass information to make improved breeding decisions in their cow herd. The Grid Master Award recognizes excellence in the commercial cattle feeding industry, and only those who have successfully combined superior Red Angus genetics, feeding management skills and precise marketing will earn the award.

Red Angus or Red Angus-influenced cattle enrolled in the FCCP or Allied Access program may be entered for the Grid Master award. Cattle must have been harvested between July 1, 2023 and Aug 30, 2024. Both conventionally and naturally fed cattle are eligible.

Conventionally fed cattle must be marketed in lots of at least 30 head, achieve a minimum of 90 percent Choice and Prime, have a maximum of 10 percent Yield Grade 5s and a minimum grid score of 100. Naturally fed cattle must also be in lots of 30 or greater, achieve a minimum of 90 percent Choice and Prime, with a maximum of 15 percent Yield Grade 5s and a minimum grid score of 100. There is a carcass weight qualification for all submissions. A minimum average CW of 800 lbs. must be met in order to qualify for an award. Scoring will place more emphasis on heavier weights for maximum the score.

RAAA will recognize Grid Master winners in the Red Angus Magazine, and honor them at the 2024 National Red Angus Convention in Lincoln, Nebraska, Sept. 10-13. To apply for a Grid Master award, submit your harvest data to Josh Taylor, commercial marketing specialist, at For further questions, please contact Josh via email or phone, 1-918-605-5139.