Record Spring Bull Sale Sale Season

Posted June 14, 2023

by Rachael Oliver, RAAA Commercial Marketing Specialist 

This spring bull sale season for Red Angus was yet again one for the books. Across all regions, bulls with higher genetic rankings saw increased sale averages and stronger demand. Commercial cattle producers didn't shy away from spending a little more on a bull they knew would add potential to their future calf crop. On the other hand, producers were more cautious when it came to a bull that potentially didn't check all their boxes. This new shift challenges purebred breeders to continue working hard to produce higher-ranking, more complete bulls for their customers.

From the sales our staff attended plus sales attended last year that we were unable to attend, sales averaged $5,601 this spring. This is an increase of around $500 compared to last spring season. Again, this shows the strong demand for high-performing Red Angus bulls. Seeing the continued increase in sale averages should excite seedstock and commercial producers. With the continued demand for Red Angus genetics and the continued price increase for feeder cattle, our producers are sitting in a place of power once again.

Ranchers are finally able to see a profit for their hard work. With the record low cattle numbers, this positions Red Angus to make some major breakthroughs within the markets. With so much optimism for both seedstock and commercial producers, this will only push us forward in creating more demand for Red Angus genetics.

I may still be a little wet behind the ears, but I've never seen cattle prices quite like I've seen within the last few months. I'm excited to see the success for many producers. As the spring sale season has ended, I look forward to seeing where the summer and fall sale season takes Red Angus.