Red Angus Implements New Value-Added Program Updates

Posted March 17, 2021

DENVER – The Red Angus Feeder Calf Certification Program, commonly known as the “yellow tag” program combines three critical components into a value-added cattle marketing program: genetics, age and source verification. To date, more than 2.8 million head of Red Angus-influenced calves have worn the yellow tag to capitalize on market premiums.

Recently, updates were made to the FCCP to make it more user-friendly for producers who are utilizing the program to increase their profit potential.

1) Program compliant EIDs from outside programs are now allowed to be incorporated into the Red Angus process-verified program. Customers must fill out an enrollment form and pay $1 per head.

2) In response to requests from both ranchers and feedlots, Red Angus has implemented a significant change regarding the ability to retag animals with a program-compliant tag after they have left the ranch of origin. Calves that lose either the dangle tag or EID after leaving the ranch and have a secondary identifier (management tag or match-pair set) can be retagged if the proper paperwork is submitted. This can be completed simply by contacting the tag programs department at RAAA.

These updates provide producers with more flexibility in managing their herds in a dynamic marketplace while also taking advantage of the beneficial features of Red Angus value-added programs.

“The Red Angus FCCP has always strived to be a leader by providing added benefits to producers. Our goal during more-than-25-year history of our program is to increase the profit potential for cattlemen and women using Red Angus genetics. These valuable additions are just one more step in the profitable evolution of our Feeder Calf Certification Program,” said Harold Bertz, RAAA director of commercial marketing.

The FCCP was first established in 1994 and is the beef industry’s longest-running genetic, age and source verification value-added program. To enroll, producers must answer a few breeding and management questions such as verifying traceability to at least 50% Red Angus breed influence. To enroll in the program producers can contact Chessie Mitchell or Jeananne Drouhard at 940-477-4593.
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March 17, 2021

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