Red Angus Producers Achieve High-Quality Carcass

Posted October 22, 2014

Red Angus producers from Texas to Montana reported 954 head of Red Angus cattle that reached tremendous yield and quality combinations earning them the title of Grid Master in 2014. The Red Angus Association of America (RAAA) recognized these Grid Master award winners at its 61st annual National Convention in Savannah, Ga., this fall.
In order to become Grid Masters, Red Angus or Red Angus-influenced cattle enrolled in the RAAA’s Feeder Calf Certification Program (FCCP) must achieve a specified level of carcass excellence. Both conventionally and naturally fed cattle are eligible.
“The Grid Master program is a great way to recognize our producers and feeders for the hard work they have put in to selecting, raising and feeding a superior Red Angus product,” said Chelsea Poe, marketing programs coordinator. “These producers continue to rise to the occasion and prove that Red Angus continues to have proven maternal traits, converts in a feed yard situation and produces a high-quality product.”
Conventionally fed Red Angus cattle must be marketed in lots of at least 30 head, reach a minimum of 85 percent Choice and Prime, have a maximum of 5 percent Yield Grade 4s and a minimum grid score of 100.
Naturally fed Red Angus cattle must also be marketed in lots of at least 30 head, achieve 90 percent Choice and Prime, with a maximum of 10 percent Yield Grade 4s and a minimum Grid Score of 100.
Cargill, Meyer Natural Angus, Greater Omaha Packing and Tyson Foods harvested the Red Angus Grid Master qualifiers. Meyer Natural Angus reported harvesting the most Grid Master cattle – 629 head – followed by Tyson Foods with 161 head award-winners. Cargill harvested 99 while the Greater Omaha Packing harvested 65 head of cattle.
The following producers and feeders were awarded 2014 Grid Master Awards for conventionally fed cattle:
• Broseco Ranches of Omaha, Texas; Feed Yard: Champion Feeders of Hereford, Texas.
• Reginald & Lana Hoff of Forsyth, Mont.; Feed Yard: Beller Feedlot of Lindsay, Neb.
• Prairie Dog Creek Cattle of Dresden, Kan.; Feed Yard: Prairie Dog Creek Cattle of Dresden, Kan. (Prairie Dog Creek Cattle achieved Grid Master status in two separate load lots.)
• Anderson Land Cattle Co. of Oberlin, Kan.; Feed Yard: Anderson Land Cattle Co. of Oberlin, Kan.
The following producers and feeders were awarded 2014 Grid Master Awards for naturally fed cattle:
• Christensen Brothers, Inc., of Weldona, Colo.; Feed Yard: Christensen Brothers, Inc., of Weldona, Colo.; (Christensen Brothers achieved Grid Master status in four separate load lots.)
• Mel Hummel of Winnemucca, Nev.; Feed Yard: Pinneo Feedlot of Brush, Colo.
• Dale Hoffman of Graettinger, Iowa; Feed Yard: Dale Hoffman of Graettinger, Iowa.
• Pete Pyatt of Simla, Colo.; Cattle Feeder: Mark Frasier of Fort Morgan, Colo.; Feed Yard: Wickstrom Feed Yard of Orchard, Colo. 
• Bob Gibbs of Jordan, Mont.; Cattle Feeder: Barta Cattle Co. of Freemont, Neb.; Feed Yard: Robb Feed Yard of Doniphan, Neb.
• Spreutels Red Angus of Koshkonong, Mo.; Feed Yard: Spreutels Red Angus of Koshkonong, Mo. (Spreutels Red Angus achieved Grid Master status in two separate load lots.)
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