Southern Red’s Field Day to be held July 13

Posted July 9, 2024

Broadhead Brahmans is hosting the Southern Red's Field Day on July 13 on their ranch in Mendenhall, Mississippi. Bringing together breeders of both Red Angus and Brahman cattle as well as commercial cattle producers, the day will begin at 7:30 a.m. with breakfast and cattle viewing. Speakers include Stacy Broadhead, Brahman breeder Marcus Shackelford, Champion Feeders feedlot manager Robert Bergner, and Drs. Ryan Rathmann and Mark Miller of Texas Tech.

With topics ranging from cow efficiency and crossbreeding to line breeding for heat tolerance and sustainability, there will surely be something for every type of cattle producer. For more information, call Mark Miller at 806-438-4979 or Stacy Broadhead at 601-906-2148.

Southern Red's Field Day to be held July 13 in Mendenhall, Mississippi