Top Firms Named Red Angus Grid Master Award Winners

Posted October 16, 2015

Denton, Texas – The Grid Master award, presented by the Red Angus Association of America, recognizes excellence in commercial cattle and the cattle feeding industry. The award is earned by those firms who have successfully combined superior Red Angus genetics, feeding management skills and precise marketing to achieve success with the harvest of a superior beef carcass. During the National Convention, Harold Bertz, RAAA director of business development, announced the recipients of the 2015 Grid Master awards.

“This year we are pleased to have 900 head of Red Angus cattle in 14 loads that qualified as Grid Master award winners,” Bertz said. “These are the kind of cattle that exemplify the quality and performance that Red Angus cattle offer every day in the market place.”

To be named a Grid Master, the entry must be Red Angus or Red Angus-influenced cattle enrolled in the RAAA’s Feeder Calf Certification Program (FCCP) and must achieve a specified level of carcass excellence. Both conventionally and naturally fed cattle are eligible.

Conventionally fed Red Angus cattle must be marketed in lots of at least 30 head, reach a minimum of 85 percent Choice and Prime, have a maximum of 5 percent Yield Grade 4s and a minimum Grid Score of 100.

Naturally fed Red Angus cattle must also be marketed in lots of at least 30 head, achieve 90 percent Choice and Prime, with a maximum of 10 percent Yield Grade 4s and a minimum Grid Score of 100.

Of the 900 head that were named Grid Masters this year, 632 were in the naturally fed category and participated in the Meyer Natural Angus Program. Bertz recognized Blake Angell, Meyer Natural Angus, who was on hand to present the awards during the convention.

“We appreciate the continued support and partnership with Meyer Natural Angus,” Bertz said. “

Those firms receiving Grid Master Awards include:

Conventionally Fed Division

John DeLong, Winnemucca, Nevada, fed by Whitham Farms, Leoti, Kansas

Sitz Family, Drewsey, Oregon, fed by Ward Feedyard, Larned, Kansas

Otley Brothers, Diamond, Oregon, fed by Whitham Farms, Leoti, Kansas

Prairie Dog Creek/Wasson Cattle, Dresden, Kansas, home fed.

Naturally Fed Division:

Otley Brothers, Diamond, Oregon, fed by Silver Spur Feeders, Minitare, Nebraska

Dale Hoffman, Graettinger, Iowa, home fed

Meyer Co. Ranch, Helmville, Montana, Pinneo Feed Yard, Brush, Colorado

Dale Hoffman, Graettinger, Iowa, home fed

Christensen Brothers, Weldona, Colorado, home fed

Spreutels Red Angus, Koshkonong, Missouri, home fed

For full details on the load information on the Grid Master winners for this year are available on the website and can be found here.

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