Data Searches & Tools

Animal Search — Look up EPDs, Performance Data, Pedigree & Owner Information on animals.

EPD Search — Search for Sires, Dams, or Non-Parents based on EPD criteria.

Planned Mating Calculator — Cross Sires & Dams to calculate hypothetical mating results.

DNA Accuracy Calculator — Estimates EPD accuracy increases by incorporating DNA testing for genetic merit.

Member Search — Find RAAA Members.

Breeder Links — Find a Breeder by State.

Sire Summary — Download the latest Sire Summary in Text (CSV) or Excel (XLS) format.

ASV Tag Search — Age & Source Verification Tag Search

Site Search — Search the RAAA Website.

Resource Library — Documents, Forms, and Images used by RAAA, Members, and Associates

Membership Application - Become a Red Angus Member.

TUTORIALS FOR REDSPro (click for all video tutorials for REDSPro)

Herd Inventory - VIDEO TUTORIAL - How to pull Herd Inventory Spreadsheet

How to use the Excel Template - VIDEO TUTORIAL - Step-by-step info on successfully using template to submit data.

REDSPro Data Template - A step-by-step tutorial on using creating a template to submit data through REDSPro.

REDSPro Code Key - A handy overview of key instruction codes for use within REDSPro.