Beef producers will explore next-generation selection tools to add profit

Posted July 5, 2012

Beef Profit Alliance will focus on increasing profit for beef operations 

Accurate selection tools in the beef industry help both seedstock and commercial operators breed for traits that will add the most profit to their product. On July 22-24, Red Angus and Simmental stakeholders will gather in Manhattan, Kan., for the Beef Profit Alliance seminar to learn technological advancements that will improve the “crystal ball” for beef producers.

Beef Profit Alliance attendees will kick off the seminar by reviewing the beef industry’s historical progress in genetic selection. Kansas State University (KSU) professors and researchers, Drs. Jennifer Bormann and Dan Moser, will discuss genetic evaluation research and advancements in carcass traits, reproduction and efficiency.

The unprecedented collaboration of the two beef breed associations – American Simmental Association (ASA) and Red Angus Association of American (RAAA) – offers new opportunities for cattle producers in both market access and genetic selection tools. During the seminar, genetic experts from both associations will explain their shared vision of how DNA technology will advance genetic evaluation.

Since profit is about more than just heavier pay weights, attendees will also explore the role of economic indexes and how they can aid and simplify in selecting for economically relevant traits such as fertility, productive lifespan and cowherd-building traits.

Dr. Bob Weaber, KSU cow-calf extension specialist and professor, will discuss controlling cowherd costs by explaining the relationship between mature cow size and lactation on feed costs, and how heterosis can affect the balance of revenue and expense traits.

“With today’s higher priced supplement costs and drought conditions, it’s important for producers to have a grasp on the maintenance requirements of their cowherd as a whole – not just individuals,” said Weaber. “We also can’t lose focus on the importance of maternal heterosis and its impact on long-term fertility and stayability.”

For a complete Beef Profit Alliance agenda, log on to and download the brochure from the home page. Registration is $85 per person and can be completed online at or by calling the RAAA at (940) 387-3502.


For more information, contact:
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Beef Profit Alliance is a dual-breed seminar designed to help stakeholders add profit to their operations.


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