Red Angus adds Allied Access tag program for crossbreeding systems

Posted May 31, 2012

New program adds age- and source-verification options; complements FCCP record-breaking program

The Red Angus Association of America (RAAA) released the new Allied Access marketing program to assist producers utilizing Red Angus in their crossbreeding systems. The new tag program will offer them another option for age and source verification. This is a second-tier to RAAA’s successful Feeder Calf Certification Program (FCCP) that already accommodates USDA age, source and genetic verification for cattle wearing the Red Angus “Yellow Tag.”

The Red Angus marketing team created Allied Access to complement FCCP by assisting commercial ranches that capitalize on heterosis in their respective crossbreeding programs. Allied Access presents the same simple approach to age and source verification as FCCP but without the genetic restrictions. Either of these tag options – Allied Access or FCCP – are the most economical choices in the industry with no enrollment fees and a cost of only 99 cents per panel tag.

Will Bledsoe, a sixth generation rancher from Hugo, Colo., has been enrolling cattle in FCCP over the years, but a slight change in their breeding program restricted their enrollment. “We were distraught that all of our calves wouldn’t qualify for FCCP,” said Bledsoe. “But our spirits lifted when we learned about the new 'Green Tag' Allied Access program.”

The Bledsoe Ranch was the first to enroll in the new program and they plan to use both FCCP and Allied Access tags. They market their calves on Western Video Auction for September or October delivery and they have been pleased with the increased profit margin on their calves wearing the Red Angus tags.

“We are always seeking to increase our profit margin and stay ahead of the curve. The Red Angus tags are a good investment,” said Bledsoe. “We go through the work to raise good, quality cattle and we can add even more value to them with the Red Angus tags without adding a lot of labor. It’s money and time well spent.”

Since 1994, RAAA has offered programs for commercial ranches to add value to cattle as they navigate the supply chain. The evolution of FCCP consistently acknowledges those marketing opportunities and administers solutions in a cost-effective and user-friendly manner.

The FCCP will continue to provide age, source and genetic verification for cattle that are traceable to at least 50 percent Red Angus genetics with the industry-recognized “Yellow Tag.” The Allied Access “Green Tag” will also provide age and source verification, but will be available to those producers whose calves may be less than half Red Angus.

“The scope of possibility is broadened for commercial ranches that choose to add value to cattle with age and source verification,” says Myron Edelman, RAAA director of added value programs. “Both ranches that have cattle that are traceable to 50 percent Red Angus genetics as well as producers that choose to cross breed their Red Angus-based cowherds now have accessibility to Red Angus process verified programs.”

Both FCCP and Allied Access are backed by Red Angus marketing programs. Cattle enrolled in either program may be marketed on the Red Angus Stockyards website listing as well as the popular FeederFax – both free services to commercial Red Angus customers.

The success of the FCCP is quantified by another record-setting year in which ranchers have enrolled more than 130,000 head – directly traceable to Red Angus bloodlines. “The Allied Access program will increase the marketing options for our Red Angus stakeholders,” said Edelman, “while keeping the same, simple enrollment process with no enrollment fees.”

“In our complicated world, the Red Angus marketing programs are simple, fast and easy,” concluded Bledsoe. “I only have to fill out one sheet of paper and verify the start of my calving season to gain a marketing advantage on my calves.”

To learn more about Red Angus marketing programs, visit or call the Marketing Department at (940) 320-8316.


For more information, contact:
Myron Edelman, RAAA director of added value programs
(307) 351-6032 •
Chelsea Tomascik, RAAA marketing programs coordinator
(940) 320-8316 •



Producers now have another marketing option with Red Angus’ new Allied Access “Green Tag” program.

Bledsoe Ranch was the first to enroll in the new Allied Access program.


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