Red Angus Heifers

Contact: Bichelmeyer Cattle Co
68 Red Angus influence heifers weaned in September and October being fed at a grow yard in Garnett, KS. Sired by Pieper Red Angus bulls. Vaccinated with Pyramid 5 and poured with Cydectin. FCCP tagged and ready to go! Getting a high roughage diet. Call Joe at 9139634296.
City/State: Garnett, KS
Quantity: 68
Color: Red
Weight: 550
  • Name: Joe , Bichelmeyer
  • Email:
  • Garnett, KS
  • Phone: 9139634296
  • Phone Alternate: 9133425945
  • Sire Breed: Red Angus
  • Parent Herd Breed: Red Angus
  • Bred Method: Natural
  • Color: Red
  • Age: 8-9 Months
  • Sire Source: Pieper Red Angus
  • Clostridial: Yes
  • Respiratory: Yes
  • Pour On: Yes