Torrington Livestock Markets

Contact: HOmestead Acres
Homestead Acres 50 Red/Rwf Hfrs, AI’d or Bred to Akaushi Bulls, AI’d to HeartBrand B5063S, which is a Son of HeartBrand Big Al and out of a Daughter of Hikari, Cleaned Up with HeartBrand Bulls: 1449F, 6394C, 1727F & 6400C, AI Bred on March 13th, Cleaned up for 30 days, Salt & Mineral Program, Shots: BoviShield Gold FP VL5
City/State: Torrington, WY
Quantity: 50
Color: Red & RWF
  • Name: Lex, Madden
  • Email:
  • Address: P O Box 1097
    Torrington, WY
  • Phone: 307-532-3333
  • Sire Breed: Red Angus
  • Parent Herd Breed: Red Angus
  • Service Sire Breed: Red Angus
  • Bred Method: Natural
  • Preg Checked: Yes
  • Calving Date: now to Mar
  • Bangs Vacc: Yes
  • Color: Red & RWF
  • Age: Heifers
  • Sire Source: Heartbrand
  • Clostridial: Yes
  • Respiratory: Yes
  • Lepto: Yes
  • Pour On: Yes